How TUMI Travel Bags Can Help You Travel More Sustainably

Sustainable travel is more than just a buzzword. Research shows that travelers are increasingly rethinking the way they travel. More and more of us are looking at carbon off-setting airplane journeys, environmentally friendly hotels, and eco-tourism destinations. People are actively looking for solutions that enable them to satisfy their wanderlust with less impact on the environment.

The same is true at TUMI, where we’ve been pursuing innovations that will make our travel bags an even more sustainable luggage solution for the luxury traveler. We believe our innovative luggage and travel accessories can help you make a more positive choice for greener travel. Here’s how.

Why sustainability matters to us all

We all understand that the future of our planet is in our hands. We are aware that we must take better care of it, starting from now.  At TUMI, we know travelers are now looking to make less impactful and more ethical journeys. 

At TUMI, we want to play our part in the move towards more sustainable travel. We know that since we began in 1975, we’ve used our expertise to create luggage that lasts through countless journeys yet stays looking as good as new. People come to TUMI for innovative, well-engineered luggage that will not need replacing for a very long time.

Longer product life spans are vital for cutting down on unnecessary manufacturing and landfill use.  However, at TUMI, we also know that this is no longer enough, which is why we’ve redesigned and expanded our sustainability strategy.

What makes TUMI products sustainable? 

We have 3 main sustainability focuses which we’ve named: 

  1. Built to Last
  2. Recycled Materials Innovation
  3. Global Repair Network

We’ll explain these in a little more detail.

1. Built to Last

We want our luggage to last a lifetime. We focus on using the very highest standards of engineering and the most durable materials to ensure that our customers are purchasing a bag that will last as long as they need it.

Not only that, we want to create bags that are so skilfully constructed and beautifully timeless to look at that they are a pleasure to pass on. We see our travel backpacks, carry-on luggage, and garment bags as having the potential to live several lives with several people. This is because our bags are both well-made and easy to repair.   

2. Recycled Materials Innovation

We’ve been working hard on introducing more recycled materials into our products. The biggest challenge has been to reduce our use of less-sustainable materials without compromising on the quality and durability of our products for which we are known.

However, our efforts have been very successful and we are proud that since 2020, we have been able to offer Merge, a product range using 100% recycled fabrics. This range evolved using all the same principles of design our customers expect. The result: innovative, high-performance luggage and accessories. Merge has been relentlessly tested to ensure it offers TUMI’s consistently high standards for durability and quality. 

This use of recycled fabric has so far diverted around 1 million plastic bottles from landfill sites. The material uses a combination of post-consumer plastic bottles and post-industrial nylon.  

Our customers are now able to make a far more positive choice both from the Merge range and from selected products in other ranges. But, we will not stop here. We will endeavor to increase the use of recycled materials across our entire product line in the coming years. 

3. Global Repair Network

What happens to our luggage after it leaves our stores is really important to us. 

We’re determined to keep our bags out of landfills, which is why we created the TUMI Global Repair Network. If something goes wrong with your TUMI luggage, we can usually fix it whether it’s still within warranty or not. You can submit your repair request in-store or online. 

Further to this, we also offer the TUMI Tracer Product Recovery service. If you lose your bag, we’ll help you find it. 

Empowering people at the heart of it all

Behind our sustainability strategies is our desire to empower people. We want to help our customers be able to make greener choices. But we also want to empower the people that power us. 

That’s why we are committed to creating meaningful opportunities for people and safe, respectful and inclusive working environments. We want to make a positive impact on all the different communities around the globe of which we are a part. A key part of this is our drive to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2025. 

Sustainability is rooted in who we are, in the longevity of our products, in our continued search for more sustainable materials, and in our commitment to keep our products on the road with you as long as possible. With TUMI travel bags, you are making a positive, eco-friendly choice. 


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