Founded in 1975, TUMI takes its name from a Peruvian icon known to its founder from his Peace Corps days in South America. During the 1980's, TUMI's innovative introduction of soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags catapulted the company to its current leadership position.

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    Voyageur has been redesigned this season with sleeker silhouettes, a keener focus on versatility and added functionality. The collection features a variety of new styles including modern totes in multiple sizes, a hobo crossbody, accessories and a spectrum of well-designed backpacks, the highlight of Voyageur.

  • With the relaunch of Tegra-Lite®, we focus on the material innovation, feature enhancement and elevated performance as we set out to reimagine the next chapter of the collection.

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    Relaunch of their beloved Alpha Bravo Collection, the latest evolution captures the same “go anywhere, do anything” energy of the original line, but sleeker and even more durable silhouettes.

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    Launches the first ever Alpha Bravo Esports Pro Capsule. Showcasing TUMI's innovative nature, various components of this collection have been crafted with high-performance recycled materials.

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    TUMI proudly continues its ongoing commitment to sustainability, the 19 Degree collection brings a line of polycarbonate cases made from over 90% pre- and post-consumer recycled materials.

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    Launches the first recycled hardside V4 collection, a truly extension of TUMI’s travel design

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    TUMI has introduced its first ever Recycled Alpha Bravo Capsule collection made with recycled fibers. Delivering popular styles from Alpha Bravo made with post-industrial and post-consumer waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

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    Relaunched ALPHA BRAVO collection And TUMI expanded the network across 75 countries with more than 1900 point of sales across the distribution channels

  • 17

    TUMI launched the limited-edition collaboration with Rusell Westbrook.

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    Victor Sanz is appointed the Creative Director of TUMI, after 13 years since he joined the TUMI Design team in 2003. And this year he has introduced the first ever Aluminium case of TUMI – 19 Degree.

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    Celebrates 40th Anniversary

  • 14

    Relaunched TUMI ALPHA 2 Collection

  • 13

    TUMI appoints George Esquivel as Creative Director

    Global Citizens advertising campaign launches Flagship store, designed by Dror Benshetrit, opens at 610 Madison Avenue in New York City LAX Travel Retail store opens
    First TUMI store in Canada opens

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    TUMI goes public on NYSE

    (TUMI) TUMI Tegra-Lite®Collection launch
    Dror for TUMI collection launches in Milan
    del Mobile Case Studies video campaign launches
    launches Flagship store opens in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive

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    TUMI collaborates with Graffiti Artist John "Crash" Matos on limited-edition travel collection
    TUMI begins partnership with St. Jude Children's , Research Hospital's "Thanks & Giving®" campaign
    TUMI launches Eyewear

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    Celebrates 35th Anniversary
    Introduces the Alpha Bravo collection

  • 09

    Introduces Vapor hardside collection

  • 08

    Launches Alpha collection, a completely updated offering of TUMI's signature travel and business designs.
    Flagship stores are opened in Moscow, Dubai, Cape Town, Osaka, and Milan, along with new boutiques in Harrods (London), KaDeWe (Berlin) and Macy's (New York).

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    Opens 50th store and expands sales to over 30 countries

  • 06

    Introduces first luxury-inspired collections, which become instant successes.

  • 05

    Launches award-winning electronic travel accessories.

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    Continues to raise the bar for design and technological excellence through the patent of integrated wheel assembly

  • 03

    Introduces patented swivel “P” handle

  • 02

    Introduces Omega closure system® patented TUMI.com eCommerce site launches.

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    TUMI stores open in Europe and Japan.
    The company celebrates 25 years of product leadership and continued growth. Airports and travel retail locations are added to TUMI channels of distribution.

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    The first New York City store opens in the newly renovated Grand Central Terminal.

    Launches TUMI Tracer® product identification and recovery program on core luggage and business collections; this exclusive complimentary program helps reunite TUMI customers with their lost or stolen bags.

  • 98

    TUMI Asia is established to further develop the Asia Pacific market and to improve access and control over manufacturing resources.
    Introduces Add-a-Bag strap with hook.
    Engineers framed expansion system.

  • 97

    The first TUMI store opens in Santa Monica, California. Introduces the patented Safecase™ computer brief with a shock-absorbing neoprene sling suspension system to protect this “new technology.”

  • 96

    Introduces the patented snap hook with swivel platform.

  • 94

    Presents the Tri-Fold Garment Bag.

  • 93

    Launches the TUMI wheel-a-way,a state-of-the-art wheeled luggage design that features numerous exclusive, custom-designed components, exceptional packing capacity, in-line skate wheels and retracting handles for both carry-on and checked luggage.

  • 92

    Expands its appeal and product mix through the successful introduction of men's leather wallets and agendas.

  • 90

    Enters the European market through the establishment of a branch office in Germany.

  • 86

    Launches the casual, functional "soft briefcase", category, which breaks the industry mold and leads to expanded distribution and brand awareness.

  • 83

    Emerges as a leading design company in the luggage industry with the introduction of a revolutionary carry-on garment bag. Introduces ballistic nylon.

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    TUMI is founded by American entrepreneur Charlie Clifford, a former Peace Corp volunteer and importer of leather bags from South America.

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